If you're in the middle of choosing which worship pads to buy for your church from the different websites out there, they may all look the same to you.

"Play in any key, in any tempo, for any song."

"Use on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc."

These things are true, and are great reasons why using pads can easily transform your worship atmosphere in a jiffy!

But stating the above pad facts as "features" is basically the same as a car salesman saying, "Well, this car has four tires.  You can drive it down any street you want.  Even at night.  It has a steering wheel, too!"

What features should you really be looking for in your worship pads?


1. Look for pads that have been post-produced ("mastered") to make sure their overall sound will not get in the way of your other instruments.

A good ambient pad should be inspiring and gorgeous, created to fill the atmosphere around your other instruments... but not to take up the same frequency-space as the instruments you're already playing!  

Play your instrument along with the pad demos/samples from other websites.  You'll quickly find out if the pads get in the way of your sound, or if the pad supports your sound.  (We spend a lot of time at Coresound making sure our pads fall in the supporting-sound category.)


2. Look for pads that support several different musical contexts.

A good pad sound will work well in a particular musical context.  But a great pad sound will work well in multiple musical contexts.

Many pads sound good but would instantly be recognizable or monotonous if they were to be used throughout an entire worship setlist.  They may sound fabulous for a particular song, but would be the completely wrong fit for another song.

This all depends on musical taste of course, but we treat our pads the same way you would treat your lead instrument.  We craft each pad to be able to fit multiple musical moments and create the atmosphere you want.


3. Look for pads that are created by people who care about your worship ministry and are here to support you if you need help.

Coresound was built by worship leaders for worship leaders.  We didn't want to simply create these pads, make them available to the public, and then never touch the website ever again.

We want to help you integrate these pads into your worship services.  If you're a first-timer, we want to show you how valuable (and easy!) it can be to use pads in your worship ministry.  If you've used pads, loops, or multi-tracks before, we want to show you how much care and precision have gone into creating what we believe are the best-sounding worship pads that exist.

Look for resources from people who care about your ministry and will be there to support you if you're in need of it.


May your search for the best worship pads for your ministry go well, and let us know how we can help!

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