It's amazing how easy it is to transform a worship environment with a well-crafted Pad.  Just download, press play, and away you go!

But as much as worship pads can do for your worship service, there are several things they can't do as well.  Let's take a look:

1. Pads can fill musical space.... But they can't fill 100% of it.

By design, Coresound Pads fills a perfect range of frequencies.  But they're not meant to simply be turned on and left alone for 20 minutes with no other music on top of it!  Get out your guitar or keyboard and start making music with the Pad.

2. Pads can give you a confidence boost, but they can't lead your worship service for you.

Your worship service sounds that much more amazing with Pads running behind it, but you're still in need of showing up and leading your people in worship!  It's a worship aid, not a worship substitution.

3. Pads can fill dead space... But they can't auto-shut-off if necessary!

Using Pads throughout an entire worship service is a great thing.  But if a moment calls for complete silence, do the smart thing and pull the volume down on the Pad.  Though 98% of the time it's a wise choice to create atmosphere with Pads, there might be a moment where it simply feels best to have everything be quiet.  And that's ok .  Pads are there to help you create the environment you want.

4. Pads can cue people it's time to worship... But they can't cue the Holy Spirit to show up.

We'll talk more about this in another blog post, but while Pads are a gorgeous sound that works with any song in your setlist, there is nothing more "holy" about worship services with Pads and nothing less "holy" about worship services without them.  Instruments are not holy.  God is.  While certain sounds may trigger certain generations to react certain ways, they in no way are acting as an intermediary of the Spirit of God.  Pads aren't a Holy-Spirit-summoning device -- they are a beautifully-crafted set of sounds that will enhance your worship environment without fail.

How about you?  What have you seen Pads do for you?  And what has happened to you that Pads couldn't solve?  :)  Comment below!