Read on to learn how Coresound Pads helped Nate Sheppard, worship & youth pastor at Pine Grove Community Church, transform their worship environment.


Coresound Pads are an incredible addition to our worship service. I had been looking for a clean, simple, quality way to provide synths underneath our worship band (and had even created my own pads)! But Coresound has put in a ton of time and effort to make these pads as high-quality as possible and it makes all the difference. Each pad has its own unique sound profile which helps to create a subtly different mood for each song and give some variety, especially when the songs are all in the same key. The sound evolves within each pad itself, so it’s not just one static sound, creating a truly dynamic backdrop.

I love using Pads in particular between songs or as we’re clicking off a set. It sets and maintains the tone of the music throughout and gives me the freedom to not worry about dead space. Using these Pads helps me easily create atmospheric transitions without stressing me or my musicians out.

In short, these pads are high-quality, well crafted additions to my Sunday morning setup and they enable me to put together clean, smooth, consistent sets with incredible ease.


Join Nate and other worship leaders who are using Coresound Pads to transform their worship environment.  Get the Free Pads Pack today or buy the Bundle now for access to all Pad Packs in all keys!

How about you?  Have you used pads in your worship service before (Coresound or another brand)?  What ways have you seen it transform your worship environment?  What success stories do you have?  Take a few moments to share your experience.  Let’s encourage each other and grow together.  Thanks for commenting!