Signs You Might Need Ambient Pads For Your Worship Ministry

Signs You Might Need Ambient Pads For Your Worship Ministry

You may be asking yourself, "OK, I'm hearing a lot of talk about 'ambient pads', 'worship pads', 'pad loops', 'pad mp3s', or whatever they're called.  But how can I tell if I actually need these for our worship ministry?"  (If you're unaware of what pads are, start on our FAQ page.)

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to start using ambient pads.


1. You hear crickets in between each song in your worship set.

One of the most effective ways worship ministries use pads is to create seamless transitions between one song and the next.  Using an app like the Worship Team Director will allow you not only to play pads in your worship service, but will crossfade between one song's pad and the next pad flawlessly.  You'll be amazed at how a beautiful ambient pad will completely change the atmosphere of your worship service in between songs for the better.


2. You find yourself asking your instrumentalists to "fill more musical space" again and again.

Our pads fill the perfect range of frequencies for you and your other instrumentalists to not have to PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY until they're blue in the face!  Use pads to fill your sound, and give your instrumentalists a chance to breathe, to be tasteful with their musical choices, and to be an artist once again!


3. Your keyboard player is tired of playing the pad-patch themselves!

Perhaps you already have someone playing some type of pad patch on a keyboard.  Is there any chance the keyboard-pads-player would like to do something else besides holding basic chords for a reaaaaaaally long time?  Using pads in MP3 form instead of in person-form frees your team member to do other creative & meaningful things with their instrument.


4. You want to "update your sound" but don't even know how to do so.

No matter if it's organic or modern, folksy or synthy, there's a good chance that your favorite worship recordings have some type of pad playing underneath each song.  If you've never listened for it, take time to intentionally listen to your favorite songs.  You'll hear the pads almost instantly when you focus on them!  

Adding pads to your worship ministry not only is easy, but can update your sound in an instant.  You'll feel like your sound has gone from beginner to professional overnight!


5. You want to move into multi-tracks territory but have no clue where to start.

The idea of having pads, loops, and/or multi-tracks as a part of your worship ministry sounds like a cool idea, but it may also seem daunting to move into new territory.  Hands down, using pads are the easiest way to start incorporating pre-recorded sounds into your worship service.  They aren't bound to a tempo or song structure, and all of our pads come in all 12 major keys.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use pads - many people do it from their phone!  All it takes is a direct box, a cord into your headphone jack, and PRESTO.  


BONUS - You want to create your own pads but... free time?  What's that?

Some of you have tried your hand at creating pad loops for your worship ministry - and that's great!  But you'll quickly realize once you dive into a pad-creation-project just how much time, effort, gear, and knowhow you need to create sounds that are beautiful but not muddy, distinct but not overbearing, and subtle but not boring.  We did the hard work for you.  All you need to do is download the pads, press play, and enjoy.  So save yourself the headache, and put your time towards what you love to do - lead worship!


Ambient pads are such a great, quality, easy solution.  Take your worship ministry to the next level with Coresound Pads today.

How about you?  When did you realize you needed pads for your ministry?  Comment below!

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