The coming-soon list of PADS LIVE app features.
We at Coresound are on a mission to continue making this powerful, easy-to-use pads player app an even better resource for you. Here's a glimpse of what we've got planned for the near-future!
But first, a couple disclaimers.
First of all, we firmly believe in the PADS LIVE app as it stands today.
The current PADS LIVE version available for download today already provides a large set of resources to worship leaders worldwide. We love its simplicity and power, and the ability to take these amazing-sounding pads with you wherever you go.

So even though we have a lot of big stuff in store for PADS LIVE in the future, that doesn't mean the app isn't already great today. It is!

So don't wait until these features below are added to the app - download today, start building your Pads collection, and enjoy both the current and upcoming features as they happen!
Secondly, we will do everything within our power to add new features ASAP. But please be patient.
Developing an app is very exciting. But it's also very time-consuming.

A simple feature upgrade might be simple to add, but it might take ten times as long to test the new feature (to make sure it doesn't cause a bug elsewhere in the app) than it does to create the feature.

That being said, we are devoting lots of time, money, and effort to make sure we continue updating this app for you.
Next, we will be fixing things that aren't on the list, too.
As bugs and glitches continue to make themselves known, as they do in any app, we will continue to fix the bugs and update the app regularly.

You will not find bug fixes on our future-feature list, though we will certainly be fixing bugs as they surface. Just know that even though bugs aren't making it onto our future-feature list, we're still squashing them!
Finally, future-updates will happen more quickly if you help support the app by buying Coresound Pads.
We've invested a lot into PADS LIVE to make sure it serves as an outstanding resource for you and your worship ministry.

If you want to help further our continued investment into making PADS LIVE even better, buying Coresound Pads is the best way to do so.

With new products available regularly and a wide range of sounds to fit any song or worship service moment, there's never been a better time to add more Coresound Pads to your collection.
  • Landscape mode
  • Vertical flip available (use your device upside down if desired)
  • Full use of app in both online and offline (airplane) mode
  • Enable Flowchords bumper music within the in-app Pads Store
  • Add pads directly to a Playlist without being attached to a Song
  • Override auto-lock feature of each device
  • Forbid other app notifications from intruding on the PADS LIVE experience
  • Crossfade length labeled to show number of seconds
  • Import Pad function to include importing from Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, etc.
  • Import Pad ability for M4A & AIFF audio files (currently supports MP3 & WAV)
  • Change Imported Pad artwork
  • "Get Started" video embedded in Settings tab
  • FAQ link embedded in Settings tab
  • Increased organization of Imported Pads (grouped by kind, etc.)
  • Delete button for Imported Pads
  • Bluetooth support for foot-pedals and more
  • MIDI support
  • Add exclusive-bonus-pads (available to Bundle Combo and Everything Bundle online customers) to be unlockable within app
  • Unlockable incentive pads for achieving certain goals
  • Metronome upgrades and customization
  • Song settings - ability to set custom volume for pad
  • Song settings - ability to set custom crossfade time for pad
Let us know what features YOU want to see in the PADS LIVE app! We keep track of how often we get each request and prioritize them accordingly. Contact us (bottom-right-hand corner of website) and let us know!